Digital Boardroom

The Digital Boardroom applications are a great tool for a panel meeting since it displays vital metrics within a visually interesting format. That allows users to easily work between dashboards and jump to previous screens, and it offers a variety of equipment for the presenter to use while presenting info. This applications are useful for every single board interacting with size, right from small , privately owned meetings to large conventions.

The Digital Boardroom software is based on an bundled and comprehensive data model, which allows you to build a 360-degree view of the business. You will see topics just like finance, revenue, portfolio functionality, and HOURS. You can also integrate the Digital Boardroom with your existing analytical functions to create more comprehensive and timely observations.

Board meetings are a vital part of any company, as they can influence the direction and gratification of the corporation. As such, they must be well-planned, confidential, and secure. For this reason you need a specialised tool to manage your board events and protect your provider’s data. You’ll also be able to save period, money, and storage space through a virtual mother board room.

With SAP Digital Boardroom, you can view crucial metrics on large, interlinked touch displays. The system comes with powerful stats capabilities that help best decision manufacturers learn the total business approach and assess the impact of every part in the business. The SAP HANA platform lets decision producers visualize the effects of their very own decisions and find out which ones will have the most effects.

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